A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 30




progressHello everyone, after some soul searching, reading, and careful thought, I figured this is a great opportunity to shape this blog for it’s intended, to help people overcome obstacles by reading real experiences.

Let’s do that today.

When A Writer’s Adventure was created, this is what I had in mind, but the blog kind of lost sight. Not to say the information provided wasn’t helpful, I just feel preachy and I don’t like it.

Honestly, when I fail, the last thing I want is to read something preachy, so, in effort to stay away from that realm, I’ll write a short story about my experiences, so that you can make an informative decision, without feeling like you’re being “fussed” at.

The title of this piece is Discouraged




Eleanor O’Hara


After spending forty-three days in New York City, I’m still learning how to handle myself. Successfully maneuvering through the city is a vital skill. Google Maps isn’t always the best navigator, often it takes me the around about way, instead of telling me to walk straight. Now when I use the app, I enlarge the map to see if I can find a better way.

For example, a couple of days ago, I took the A subway train to the financial district. I had business at the consumer affairs building. Using the app, I followed the turns only to realize that I could’ve went straight and reach the same destination, in less time. I don’t blame the app itself, it’s helpful, no doubt, but it’s little things, like these, I try to remember so I can make my life better. Because right now, I need all the help I can get.

Twenty-one days ago I was hired for a job at one of the largest financial institutions in world. I’m still waiting for a training date. My creditors are going ape-shit because I can’t give them a concrete date of when I can pay them. Hell, I wish I knew, too!

In short of hightailing it back to Virginia, I thought long about what to do about my situation. No one likes to call home to say things are terrible, but I did it anyway. Past experience taught me that people who care about me are the ones I should be most honest. There is no sense in creating a fairytale of glitz and glamour when I’m days away from being on the street.

I don’t think about being on the street, in fact, I refuse to let that image form in my mind. It’s not an option. Instead, I keep fighting. Being that I had no clue of when I’d start working, I had to make some cash. Daily I applied for at least ten jobs, conforming my resume to fit each one, whether I was qualified or not.

The most bizarre thing was when I applied to the jobs, I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t like any of them, except for one and it just happened that I got a response right away. I interviewed, was hired and started work the next day. By then end of the week, I earned $190 – cash.

When I read the ad, I didn’t think I would get a response being, that every comedy internship I applied for didn’t contact me. And instead of an internship, the job was selling comedy show tickets in Times Square. The deepest thought that ran through my mind was, you hate sales, but what harm would it do if you sold just one ticket? Or two? You’d have money.

It wasn’t a hard decision. Yes, I hate selling, but I must love it, at least for right now. Selling is a skill and mine is well-developed or at least I thought.

The next week I was pumped and excited to hit the streets and come home with a couple hundred dollars. I didn’t make anything that day or the next. Being discouraged isn’t part of my character, so I sought to fix this problem immediately. I reflected on my mistakes. I couldn’t close. I asked my manager for some more training.

I think because I asked for help, it came right away. No one was mean or belittled me for sucking. More than ten years ago, I sold cars and one of the sales managers was a pure jerk. Every other word was an insult and he was mad when people didn’t sell. I think that discouraged me from wanting to sell anything ever again.

Then on TV, there are stressed out bosses who do the same. It sucks that this is still common and socially accepted. Anyway, I got the helped I needed right away and I’m getting my mind right, so I can be comfortable with closing. No matter what, I have to make money until the job starts.

Yeah, it sucks that I have to wait for training because they won’t train one person, but I have make a judgment call. One, this is a great position with a reputable company and it will make my resume look great, while I’m in pursuit of building a writing career. Two, if I let the job go, I’d have to start all over again. I jumped through four unpleasant hoops to get the interview.

The company qualified applicants before wasting a single breath of air on them. I endured a series of competency and skill tests after speaking with not one, not two, but three job recruiters. So, I’d be foolish to let the job go because they’re not moving fast enough for me. Now that I have money coming in, they can take as long as they want. My being broke is not their problem, so I can’t be angry. I’m not the first person to wait for training and I won’t be the last. If I’m an asshole about the whole deal, they’ll find someone else. I won’t give them the opportunity.

Just like I won’t give into discouragement. Stuff happens all of the time, but being proactive helps the pain. When I didn’t sell for two days, I asked for help. The only way to overcome my weaknesses is to recognized them and reach out to the right people to make them stronger. Now I don’t suck as bad as before and after today, I’ll suck even less.

My goal is not the best the best ticket seller in Times Square. My goal is to keep a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and work on my writing career. If I don’t lose sight of what’s most important, I will always find a way to work things out.


Convivial Suites: Corporate Takedown Series, Episode 2: Answered Prayers

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Series Premise

After the board of directors denies her a long, sought after promotion, a cunning hotel manager, along with her disgruntled co-workers, execute a master plan to destroy the entire hotel chain.

Episode 2: Answered Prayers

After she agrees to stay in New York, Mattie packs and plans to leave for London, but Rich changes her plans. Jo teaches Pete about human resources. Roxy gives Tristan some attitude. Rich’s brother, Nick takes interest in Convivial.

Episode 2: Summary

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Mattie is leaving for London and makes a last attempt to convince Rich to go with her. After he tells her that Katy’s pregnant, Mattie chooses to leave New York forever.

Rich does the unthinkable and deepens his troubles with little white lies. The white lies influence Mattie to think about changing her plans.

Meanwhile, a rock-throwing, glass-breaking, hoodlum harasses Babs until Blanca catches him and realizes they have something in common.

Jo learns about Mattie’s unfortunate accident and has fun taunting CEO, Pete under the new management and protection regime. During the meeting, Pete learns that he created a monster within Mattie.

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After a failed health inspection, Roxy demands that Tristan start acting like a caring manager so the staff will cooperate with him.

Katy decides to play nice and become friends with Mattie. During a hospital visit, Katy offers to open her home to Mattie in exchange for information about Rich’s wife.

Writing Adventure Pt. 7 – Release Day

It’s Release Day!

Apart from being glued to my office chair for six hours, I’ve been heavily engaged, well, more distracted, really, with self-promoting a novel.

Expecting promotion to be a harrowing task, I’m having fun connecting with people online. It’s blast and I’m grateful because, I hate marketing and as I mentioned in a previous part of this adventure, I feel dirty asking for people to download a free copy of my novel. A shameful ploy for attention, however, people who know me, understand I’m not a social media activist and I feel it’s stupid to I force myself to engage on social media more that I care to. This is not how I wish to sell. It’s not genuine and it feels wrong.

Of all the marketing advice columns I’ve read, the plans to boost sales, lack humanity. I choose to market however I wish. I don’t like the suggestions, therefore I’m on my own. I’m a writer, not a marketing expert. I chose my field and there I shall stay.

My wish is to be comfortable with all I do, so think it’s better if people like me as a real person. The logic is simple, if they like me, they’ll love my work. How about that?

Refusing to allow stats and numbers control my emotions is key to developing stress-free marketing plan. In addition, I keep producing work. Consistently writing, reading and reading about writing, keeps me from being sucked into the advertising, social media frenzy. My question to all of the advertisers competing for my business is; how can you promote me to strangers who haven’t a clue of who I am? From my viewpoint, it’s seems better to connect with the people who I’m currently connected. Word of mouth is powerful and is the best form of advertising.

So, I’ll take my chances on the people who took a chance on me. So, thanks to WordPress, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and my Pinterest followers for your support for personally, choosing me to help enlighten and entertain you.

Funny how marketers seem to focus on the product and not the mind and personality of the inventor, who had the people in mind when the project was created.

For you, my supporters, I encourage everyone to read my work and share your experience with your friends so they can create their own adventure while reading my work. Remember, I am person first and know that you are why I write and I am most grateful.

So, with no further delay, here’s the pitch:

Master of Manipulation by Eleanor O’Hara

Think you’re in a bad relationship? Think again. Avery and Olivia Hammer seem like the perfect couple. When Avery believes Olivia has a crush on his unethical business partner, he masterfully extracts the truth from his wife, leading to a thicker web of lies, revealing his own indiscretions. Was it part of Olivia’s plan to get him to confess?

Find out for FREE on Amazon Kindle.
Oct 1-Oct 5, 2016

A Writing Adventure Pt. 5 – To Be in NYC

I never quite understood why New York City was called “The Big Apple” until I visited. There is certainly enough for everyone and then some.

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Imagine a place where no one, I mean, no cares how you look, dress or act like. The term “self-conscious” is nonexistent.


Merriam-Webster gives the short definition of self-conscious as:
                       uncomfortably nervous about or embarrassed
                       by what other people think about you.
Imagine feeling this way most of your life, when in truth, it doesn’t matter. It’s a hard lesson to learn. If you don’t be yourself, the job of pleasing others will consume you.
Reflecting on my old-self, I was silly to care about other’s thoughts about me when, their opinions didn’t pay my bills or raise my kids or put me through college.

Eventually, I didn’t want to be a part of the world because it seemed as if I had nothing of value to share, that is what the opinions created in my head. I believed it. Cruel, huh?
It was crippling. I read self-help books to find out why people didn’t like me and what was so wrong with me that they harped on what they think I should do.

There comes a turning point in life when one finally says, “who cares?” Nothing matters but my overall well-being and happiness. If I’m happy, everyone else is happy.


Other’s harsh opinions of you doesn’t wrinkle the fabric of time, unless you let it tear you down. 20160829_100621



Hateful words won’t make your life better or help you feel better.



You’ve got to do things that make you happy…despite the audience.


I was never a gossiper. People said cruel things to my face and it felt bad, so I didn’t want to be that person. I feel terrible when I say something bad about someone and I never want to get used to that feeling. When I talk about someone, it’s not to make myself feel better, it’s to find a way to help them be better.
20160830_121641In NYC, people make you feel as if you’re their next door neighbor. The incredible energy of the people courses through your veins, bringing you to life, invoking a consciousness of courtesy. Your head swells, bursting with new thinking.
The self-consciousness I felt, when I was in the city, was being totally self-aware.

Aware of my thoughts and being in the moment. I didn’t worry about anything, not even what I was doing in the next five minutes because all I wanted was to be present.

To be.


It’s a hard skill to master. I was there for a short time and I wasn’t going to spent it complaining.


When you become part of the city, time stands still. My visit wasn’t too short because living in the moment allowed me to enjoy every single minute of it. By doing this, I created the opportunity to do everything I’ve always wanted:

1. I took 7 train to Flushing Meadows to the US OPEN.









2. I took the train to Harlem to 125th Street and stood across from the Apollo Theatre. I spent most of my evening in Harlem in a bar called The Showman’s Club and learned how the upcoming stars in the 60s spend their afternoon getting prepped for the night’s show.IMG_0524






3. I ate a slice of yummy Cheesecake at Juniors in Midtown Manhattan.

4. I bought last-minute tickets to a Comedy Central show featuring six well-established comedians.

5. I bought food, fruit and pictures off the street and ate a giant slice of Ray’s pizza.
6. I hailed a cab with grace, usually on the first try.
7. I watched the city fall asleep as workers cleaned the streets and stocked the stores for the next day.
IMG_05148. I met a celebrity on the street, just by being in the right place at the right time.

9. I went to a roof-top party, just by asking “what’s going on up there?”. It was a VMAs after party.

10. I had breakfast a Roxy’s Diner and brought their homemade brownies home to my mom, to give her a taste of what I felt. To share my experience by giving her one of her own.20160830_124516
Sure, they aren’t the touristy things, but they are my things that connect to an experience I’ll never forget.

Living in the moment creates a deep appreciation for life and everything else, seems to fall in place, as if it were meant to be.

So the next time you’re on vacation, try to take it all in. Don’t let fussy people steal the essence of your good time, have one anyway. I can say, I couldn’t have had a better experience, it was much more than I ever hoped. Enjoy the pics.


A Writing Adventure Pt. 3 – Change

As the hot air of summer cools to a comfortable breeze, I think about change. The leaves on the trees and blades of grass appear as bright as they did, yesterday, yet something is different. It’s subtle, but prominent. It’s intangible, yet I can feel it. It’s change. It surrounds us.

Sometimes we welcome it. Sometimes we block out the need, but regardless, change is here, waiting for recognition, acceptance and adaptation. Sometimes it’s time to embrace something new.

The turning of the season is also a turning point in my life. As summer dwindles away, I can try to hold on, but it’s leaving, despite my best efforts to make it stay. Just as an old part of me pushes to say “good-bye” and I have trouble letting her go.

I call her The Dreamer. She’s the part of me who says, “I want to be a writer”. She’s dreamt her last dream, fulfilling her last goal.

“There’s nothing left for me to do here,” she says, repeatedly.

I feel like it’s letting go of summer and crushing the sunshine that’s brightened my days, nourished the juicy tomato garden and protected me from anything menacing and cold.

My sinuses sting at the sight of a crisp, brown leaf floating from the sky to rest at my feet. Summer was leaving and so was The Dreamer. I could feel her packing her things.

I have no choice, but to let go of summer and embrace the necessary autumn. It’s silly to drown myself in hopes that summer would stay; I’d miss the leaves changing colors and the smell of pumpkin spice wafting around every corner.

But The Dreamer, I can keep her. “No,” she says. “Let me go. If you don’t, you’ll never grow. My work is done.”

If I kept The Dreamer, I’d miss the beauty and opportunity of all she’s created. I can’t do that to her. She deserved to feel accomplished and reap the rewards that come. I’d be selfish to keep her. She’s ensured my happiness and success and I won’t let fear betray her belief in me.

As always, I accept summer’s end and welcome autumn’s new beginning. Though it hurts and it will hurt for longer that I care for, I’ll stay true to The Dreamer’s hard work.

Each time I look in the past, to grab her hand, she says, “No. I can’t let you in, but know that I love you. Now, go. Make me proud. I didn’t do all this for nothing.”

Like summer turns to fall, this transition from a dreamer of wanting to be an author to being an author is like losing summer forever. I long to feel the sunshine on my face…and I will again, only, I’ll be different. I’ll feel the warm, nourishing protection through the skin of a published author, instead of an aspiring one.

I miss The Dreamer and I cry as she watches me through the window of the past. I kept her courage and strength, for I need it for the adventures to come and so, I can have summer all year long.