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The Lawnmower Man,  a short story

Coming September 1


When Joe realizes his late wife misplaced his truck keys, he rides a lawnmower around town to pay bills and mows lawns along the way until he cuts the uneven lawn of a grieving widow, who storms out, ordering Joe to stop and he does and he also falls in love with her.

When she lets Joe court her, all he talks about is his late wife. Turned off by this, she dates another man. Joe resumes mowing and his kids take him to the doctor to make sure his mental faculties are still in place. Joe is perfectly fine, but he needs to find his keys so he can resume his normal life.

With the loss of his wife and the widower, Joe becomes unhinged when his children search the house for the keys. When Joe decides he can only be friends with the widow, he learns that her boyfriend is courting another lady in the neighborhood. Joe, not wanting to see this nice woman get hurt, asks if she would like to help pick up the yards as he mows and she does and she sees her boyfriend’s car.

As a friend, Joe offers to talk to her, then confesses that he doesn’t know what to talk about because the last 40 years of his life he’s spent with his wife and all of his memories are with her, but he’s open to making new memories. He asks the widow how is she able to go on and she says, that she keeps her husband alive by not mowing the lawn, she also keeps the last dishes his used on the table and his dirty clothes are in the laundry, etc. When both Joe and the widow see what they’re doing is ridiculous and futile, they decided to help each other cope.


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The Lawnmower Man

A Screenplay

A sad widower can’t find where his wife placed his truck keys so he uses a lawnmower for transportation and mows on his way to conduct business until he cuts the grass of an angry widow, who he falls in love, but he won’t let go of his wife and the widow moves on leaving him to either find his keys and live life like a normal person or resume mowing to preserve the memories of his late wife.


Sticking it to Corporate

A Novel

After she is passed over for a well-deserved promotion, a smart, indispensable hotel manager trains the department heads to take her place indefinitely as she breaks corporate rules for personal gain.

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Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World

Black Catastrophy

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