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Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World


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Eleanor O’Hara was born in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky in 1975, she’s the oldest of two by Joyce and Carl Crews. Her first published work is a screenplay made into a movie short for Kim Saeed -of Let Me Reach with Happy Cat Films. She continues to write suspense novels and screenplays full-time while caring for her grandmother.

Eleanor lives in Roanoke, Virginia and helps people find the better part of themselves through her writing and friendship.

Written by Eleanor O’Hara

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Since she was eight, she dreamed of becoming a writer. In middle school, she took an interest in the arts, leaning creative writing and ballroom dancing, then in high school, she wrote plays for the drama group that had the class rolling with laughter.

Before the end of her freshman year, her family moved from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia to settle in the Blue Grass of Kentucky, where the career focus was on business and farming. Meanwhile her parents separated, her grades plummeted and her writing drams came to a screeching halt.
Her sheepish, clueless self-direction lead her to an associate’s degree in business. Two marriages, three kids and dozens of self-help books later, she summoned the courage to find herself. She moved back to Roanoke, her current home, to pursue a career in nursing.
After witnessing many evils in the medical and corporate management fields, she stopped chasing money and became a courier, later enrolling in the creative writing program at Southern New Hampshire University.

During long trips, she listened to hundreds of audiobooks, discovering a deep love for Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy and Bram Stoker. She read and reread their novels, evoking inspiration that struck and evolved with her, causing a craving for works from modern artists, but it was difficult to find literary fiction that moved her like the classics.

Creating character-driven stories filled with suspense is Eleanor’s passion, and coupled with her critical and analytical thinking skills, she delves deep into her character’s psyche, taking the reader on an emotional journey to experience an extraordinary life in an ordinary world.

Her authority to produce suspense originates from her childhood, work and relationships. With these, she’s developed a keen observation of human behavior, writing training and talent.

Eleanor’s writing philosophy is asking, what if? She understands that often, we learn life lessons the hard way because there’s no template for our personal situation.

Eleanor’s rich characters make decisions based on their personal universe forcing them to step from the norm, face the truth and suffer the consequences, for better or worse.

Over time, she wants to produce a line of thought-provoking fiction that introduces ordinary, relatable people who struggle with everyday life.

“The most satisfying part of my job is making plain folks see life’s possibilities,” Eleanor says. As an ordinary person, her work offers hope to those who may believe they are hopeless and more than entertainment, it motivates change.
The uniqueness of her writing shines when the characters grow in the face of real-life situations and the internal struggles externalize when they’re forced to deal. The audience relates through character emotion, personality and situation. The end of the journey resonates long after the book is finished.

Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World

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