A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 27

thumbs-downDealing with Rejection

After all of my hard work and dedication, my work didn’t place in a national writing competition. What do I do?

Before the contest, I studied past winners to get a feel of what the editors were looking for in choosing winning stories. I read several books on how to write winning contest stories, but still, I didn’t win.

Of course, my feelings are hurt, but more than that, I must find out why editors aren’t choosing my work. So, back to square one.

Dealing with rejection isn’t a simple task, not only does the ego take a punch in the face, your thoughts about your abilities take a hit, too.

By facing rejection with an open mind, you can successfully evaluate your problem without taking things personally. To do this, you must understand the rejection isn’t personal.

Being rejected for a job or contest isn’t the same as being rejected in a relationship. The people don’t know you, they are evaluating your work.

With this in mind, I can look at the problem without being bitter or thinking, I’m a great writer, the editors are crazy! No, this is the wrong attitude to have.

I see it like this; the editors know exactly what they’re looking for and my work lacked those qualities. I don’t know what the story lacked, but I will learn more about my craft, so when I read the story again, I can possibly see what they saw and not make the same mistakes again.

By seeing this setback as an opportunity to learn, I can motivate myself to be better. My work wasn’t good enough, I accept that and my new goal is to be a better writer.

If I took the rejection personal, I would block my way to success. I face enough obstacle, I don’t need to create more.

Sure, things would be easier if I received a critique on my work, but it being rejected is enough to tell me something wasn’t right.

Turn rejection into an opportunity to shine. When you’re passed over for a job, evaluate the circumstances to discover what changes need to be made, so the next time, you are chosen.

How did you handle your last rejection?


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