A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 24

Just Keep Learning

So, you’re an adult and you my think you don’t have to learn any more. This is a misconception.

From experience, I know many adults, who have shut themselves off from the learning process. They think because they are grown-up, they have nothing to do, but work and pay bills. Think again.

No wonder so many people are miserable.

I’ve even heard elders say they were too old to learn. This is nonsense.

Unless you choose to stay set in your ways, then life may be a continuous struggle for you. Sorry to be a gloomy Gus,.

Only you can determine your level of success. So what if you grew up poor, this should be a great reason to break the chain of poverty.

Just because every family member before you worked a dead-end job and didn’t pursue a dream, doesn’t mean you must follow the same path.

Break the chain by expanding your mind.

Whatever profession you choose, it’s important that you know about the world around you. Don’t be a hermit by hiding away from current events.

Stay on top of world news and you may discover events that effect your industry. If you’re a fast food worker and your company is considering installing point-of-sale kiosks to replace cashiers, this is a problem for you.


If you don’t stay current with the news, you won’t have time to create a plan to keep your job or find a different one.

In our fast-paced world, things change in the blink of an eye. It’s your duty to stay on top of current events, so you won’t get blindsided.

Pay close attention to issues that may impact the majority of the population. Step away from your comfort zone and learn more about your industry.

If you notice that you lack certain knowledge or skills, use the Internet to learn about them. Too many times, I’ve seen intelligent people turn away from opportunities because they didn’t know about a tiny aspect of their profession. Don’t be lazy.

They were a point and a click away from changing their lives, yet they have no problem wasting precious time, scrolling through pages of social media, as if it makes a difference in their income.

From experience, I’ll tell you, none of this is easy, but I don’t care. This is a part of me and I won’t stop, until I’ve reached my goals. Failure is not part of my vocabulary.
But remember, that I’m not average. My interests revolve solely around my industry. Yeah, that’s strange, but I’m all in.

As a writer, it’s important for me to watch the news and keep an eye out for hot, social issues. This helps me continue to reach an audience.

Now, if you increase your knowledge about your profession, you may help prevent major setbacks. When there are setbacks, study your mistake and try again, differently.

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For example, many of my setbacks come from my lack of knowledge. So, I see the mishap as a learning experience.

By doing this, I’m unlikely to make the same mistake. By watching the news, I learn about changes and trends in the industry so it may help me avoid a future catastrophe.

In addition, by keeping yourself in the loop you learn how to keep your career on track. I understand how difficult it is to be in pursuit and stay current, but you need to find a way so you won’t miss opportunities.

For example, once upon a time, I learned how to write, but I stayed inside this bubble. All I knew is that I was a great writer and my books will sell like hotcakes because I developed a talent.

My bubble burst when I kept getting rejected from numerous companies, for whatever reason. Instead of taking the rejection personally, I got stronger by learning what people like to read.

By staying current with the trends, I incorporate what I learn to become better each day.  I refuse to become stale. I read, learn, write, and repeat.

If you do the same, you’ll find yourself growing into a more productive person. You’ll develop talents and strengths, you didn’t know existed, then you’ll open the door to more opportunities.

Look at it like this, if you’re not spending most of your free time learning, creating, developing, and mastering your craft, then where are you headed?

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