A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 22

Eye on the Prize

This is my tenth day as a New Yorker and I’ve inherited a wealth of information that will blow your minds.

Not the overwhelm you, but these powerful knowledge nuggets come small, because there’s so much to tell.

Whatever goal you have in mind, whether you choose to relocate or not, be prepared for obstacles. The only way to bounce back from a hard slap is to recognize the mistake and try again, but differently.

Don’t let the fear monster get the best of you. Fear will cripple your mindset and make you convert back to doing what you love to hate.



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I got slapped hard the other day. Several jobs fell through and I was a millisecond close to hopping the Chinatown bus and going home. 

What changed my mind was talking. I hadn’t made any friends, so I was alone, in my head. That’s a dangerous place to be when you’re surrounded by millions of people. 

Even of you don’t leave home, keep engaging with positive people, so fear won’t have a chance to consume you. 

A small as it seems, I broke out of my shell by asking people how to get places. It helps me to not be afraid and it keeps me out of my head. This is a needed skill to help me relax with people.

Often, we don’t like to ask for help, but if it’s helping you learn, than why not? (This is not the blog question.)

Practice engaging more, see how it feels, then consider what you learn from others. Return and tell me about your experience.

What will it take to make you break from your shell?

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