A Writer’s Adventure Pr. 21

Negative Nancys – What to do about them

Believing in yourself takes a lot of courage. Boosting your self-confidence is essential to success. Sometimes, no matter how great you feel, someone comes along and pops that balloon.

Believing in yourself takes a lot of courage and strength. Being your own cheerleader is not easy, but the payoff is …

So, you’re at the point where nothing can slow you down. You’re your own cheerleader and you’ve built so much self-confidence that you’d give Beyoncé a run for her money.

Your skin is thick, like an alligator and you use rejection to sharpen your skills. It’s been a long road to self-improvement, but it was worth it, because now you feel invincible.

Finally, your loved ones seen you working, like a mad scientist, to succeed and you’re happy. Happy that they may recognize a spark of change in you, until…they is not what they see, not in the least.  

It’s as if you’ve transformed, into a mutant, and they’ve forgotten who you are and what you’re trying to do. You could scream, but you don’t. You accept the dropped anvil at your feet and step over it because there is no convincing your loved ones to believe in you.

At times, you want to shut down because they don’t care about your dreams. All they see is you doing a lot of hard work and not getting paid for it.

The real pain surfaces when someone you love suggests that this may not be the thing for you or you should concentrate on getting a real job that will pay the bills. 

It’s frustrating.

The key is to outsmart the Negative Nancys, they mean well, but if you believe in what you’re doing, that’s all that matters.

When our ego get crushed, we want to retaliate and argue, but save the energy for your goal. It may be wise to share less. Meaning, let them make their suggestions, let them fuss over your decision, but don’t let it get you down. 

Outsmart the Negative Nancys by not giving them a reason to jump down your throat. Before you know it, you’ll talk with your loves ones on a level that doesn’t crush your spirit. 

Try staying out of the spotlight. When asked, “How’s it going?” don’t get excited, be cool. Yeah, it’ll be hard because hardly anyone is interested in your thing, but just be cool. If you’re cool, they’re cool.

Give a simple reply, “Great, thanks,” then leave it alone. Don’t invite unwanted, backdoor comments. Writer’s, who are reading, you may relate to these backdoor bashers:

“Maybe you should choose something more realistic.”

“Have you made any money, yet?”

“What happened to that last book, project, or business?”

Avoid these stingers. 

We want everyone to understand what we’re doing, but we lack the time or patience to explain every step of the plan. Consider softening the blow by understanding their point of view.

First, know they care. Most hurtful comments stem from their fears of things not working out for you. Seeing you hurt will hurt them. 

See, there’s some logic to the madness.

Remember to rate your sensitivity the doubtful, worrisome tones, before your ready to bite their heads off for jumping down your throat.

Here’s a fun thing to know, most everything starts from nothing. For example, if you choose to be CEO of a company, at some point, you must start from the bottom before advancing.

Any high-powered position requires training and experience. The same goes for artists. Sure, many have made it right away, but it’s rare. The hard work of mastering your craft plays a factor in over-all success.

A bunch of best-selling authors wrote for years before making it big. Many top-tier businesspeople worked for years before crossing the success threshold. See, that’s what our loves ones may understand. 

Your broke. Your products aren’t selling, but you’re paying your dues by trying anyway. When you see something isn’t working, you tweak until someone bites. Each time you try, you’re better than the day before, because you didn’t quit and you’re willing to learn everything you can to succeed. 

Your folks may never get it until you get paid, but you keep your head in the game and don’t invite the Negative Nancy’s to your positive party.

You don’t have time to waste on pitching your dream to them. Save the pitch for the people that matter.

What will you say when a Negative Nancy comes your way? 

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