A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 19

Constructive or Destructive: Which Defines You?

20170210_084300Look at the image. What’s your first thought?

My thought was, “Holy crap, I’m trapped!”

To be truthful, the day turned from gloomy to progressive in the blink of an eye. Yeah, I was sad not to climb a billion steps to write in the public library, but after some heavy thought, I turned my sudden captivity into an opportunity.

In the past, I’d get bent out-of-shape over silly things and let them ruin my day. If something bad happened at six, in the morning, I’d be mad until bedtime. Crazy, huh?

When life happens, it’s better to shrug it off and keep it moving. Not to say the bad things that happen aren’t a big deal, but how you handle the crisis is crucial to your well-being.

Think of how you approach mishaps, are you constructive or destructive?

By understanding the damage of being destructive, I found better ways to vent my frustrations.

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Being a creative person helps because I invent people, let them hash it out, then it may turn into a project.

For example, I allow fictional Amy and Jeff scream at each other, so I won’t scream at someone I care about.

Fictional Amy and Jeff argue as they change a flat. The wicked, cold wind slap snowflakes against their faces redden faces. The argument gets heated because both bring up old junk that has nothing to do with changing the tire. It’s fun, dramatic, and I’m smiling at the end.

I really let them rip into each other apart, whilst releasing my frustrations. This method works in a few ways.

  1. By writing a scene, my loved ones don’t feel my wrath
  2. I don’t waste the day being mad
  3. People want to be around me because I’m happy, not snippy
  4. I’m alert to opportunities because I’m not somewhere stewing

Life happens to everyone.

If you’re constructive, you invent ways to release your frustration without hurting yourself or others, via, painting, writing, hitting baseballs, tenderizing meat, or gardening (digging holes and pulling weeds is exhilarating and the yard looks great).

Fiction by Eleanor

If you’re destructive, people tend to stay out of your way, because you’re mean and they feel like a moving target. Airing frustrations for you is yelling at inanimate objects when they don’t work (it’s likely a user error).

I broke many things because smashing, like The Incredible Hulk, was the only way I knew to let anger out. From experience, I’ve learned that I don’t like hurting others to make myself feel better and I hate buying things twice.

Look at the image to the right20170210_094658, do you say, “dammit, it’s always something” or “I’ll take the long way, like that guy”. Do you dread, or embrace?

How would you handle it, would you be constructive or destructive?


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