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Convivial Suites: Corporate Takedown Series, Episode 2: Answered Prayers

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Series Premise

After the board of directors denies her a long, sought after promotion, a cunning hotel manager, along with her disgruntled co-workers, execute a master plan to destroy the entire hotel chain.

Episode 2: Answered Prayers

After she agrees to stay in New York, Mattie packs and plans to leave for London, but Rich changes her plans. Jo teaches Pete about human resources. Roxy gives Tristan some attitude. Rich’s brother, Nick takes interest in Convivial.

Episode 2: Summary

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Mattie is leaving for London and makes a last attempt to convince Rich to go with her. After he tells her that Katy’s pregnant, Mattie chooses to leave New York forever.

Rich does the unthinkable and deepens his troubles with little white lies. The white lies influence Mattie to think about changing her plans.

Meanwhile, a rock-throwing, glass-breaking, hoodlum harasses Babs until Blanca catches him and realizes they have something in common.

Jo learns about Mattie’s unfortunate accident and has fun taunting CEO, Pete under the new management and protection regime. During the meeting, Pete learns that he created a monster within Mattie.

99 Cents, BUY NOW
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After a failed health inspection, Roxy demands that Tristan start acting like a caring manager so the staff will cooperate with him.

Katy decides to play nice and become friends with Mattie. During a hospital visit, Katy offers to open her home to Mattie in exchange for information about Rich’s wife.


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