A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 14

Countdown to New York City Days minus 6


A short story, episodic series. After the board of directors denies her a long, sought after promotion, a cunning hotel manager, along with her disgruntled co-workers, execute a master plan to destroy the entire hotel chain.99 cents Buy Now on Amazon.

Today was the last day of work and I didn’t realize it. My mind was primed for one more

day. It was nice to think about what not to do tomorrow.

More than that, it was a calming release. Like reading the last chapter of a book series you’ve followed for years. The ending is needed and expected, yet thrilling and satisfying.

Everyone and everything is going to be alright. Letting go of my life here, is easier that I thought. I guess what made it easy was knowing I was leaving a long, long time ago.

I got my mind right. Once the confusion about what I wanted to do for a living became crystal clear, I went after it. Being in this process is incredible.

To see years of hard work pay off is more than I could hope for, because I didn’t see this part of the transition. Imagine looking through a cardboard, paper towel spool, I saw nothing alongside of me, except darkness and straight ahead was the ultimate goal.

I don’t worry about the how it’s going to happen. The how part seems to work itself out, according to my needs and I embrace it. Not worrying about how I’m going to do something allows me to stay focused on my craft.

Focus. It’s harder than it sounds and it’s easy to get distracted with other matters that don’t contribute to my goals.

Rejection – The Conclusion Mattie Ramsey has a feeling she’s been demoted instead of promoted. Rich, the CFO and love of her life, is acting strange and she wants answers. When her arch enemy and chairperson, Babs, confirms Mattie’s suspicions, the news sends Mattie on a downward spiral of self-loathing and rage. Buy Now on Amazon for 99 cents

Just a couple of days ago, I lost sight of my goal, for about twelve hours and it was terrible. Being anxious is not good for me and if I don’t snap out of the funk, I’m back on the hamster’s wheel again and who wants that?

When I realigned my attitude with my goals, I got back on track. Since then, opportunities presented themselves and I’m taking them.

Fear took a back seat, no, fear got left behind. There is no room for it here. Fear made me unsure of myself and my abilities. The last thing I wanted was to start the brain chatter again. It would tell me that I couldn’t do this and it would make up a bunch of excuses as to why I shouldn’t do something.

The only person to stop me is me and I didn’t let me get me. Be full warned, that our truest enemy is ourselves and sometimes you’ve got to shut yourself up to succeed.

When you want something bad enough, there’s no room for negative space. Doubt slows things down and puts your goals out of reach. Don’t let it.

Shine. What’s stopping you?



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