A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 13

Countdown to New York City – Days Minus 

It’s Monday and It’s typical for the beginning of the week to drag along, but in this case, it was rather exciting. In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned my concern about parking in the big city. Well, the problem is solved.

After shopping for a nearby garage from my hotel, I learned the monthly parking, at the cheapest, was $255. Here, in southwest Virginia, it’s $30 a month and I could come and go as I please.

In New York City, on average, monthly parking costs between $255 and $700 (Spot), depending on the amenities. Some garages allow one entry per month. One. No coming. No going.

Living in Manhattan means, I don’t need a car. I know how to use the subway system and a 30-day unlimited MetroCard costs $116.50 (MTA). It includes 24-hour access to both the subway and bus lines.

Another option, is the 7-day MetroCard, which is $31.00 (MTA). The least expensive option is to pay as I go because most of my work is in Manhattan.

The plan is to do a lot of walking because there are stores, markets, and restaurants galore. All in all, I’m set, until I’m ready to explore the boroughs.

The cool thing about my car is, I planned to give it to my son, when I left for the city in June. He’s thrilled about the idea and is anxious to drop me to my final destination on Sunday. I’m glad not to travel alone and thankful to see my kid’s happy face, when he takes ownership.

The thought of moving through this transition rocks my soul, so hard, that changing my mind would be a mistake. Each breath I take is slow, deliberate, and filled with vigor. Every ounce of energy is used to push, reach, and grasp my goals.

Now that everything is done and the kids are alright…what else is there to do, but conquer?

What rocks your soul?



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