A Writer’s Adventure Pt. 12 

Countdown to New York City Days minus 8

So a big life change is around the bend. Eight days from now, I’m on the highway to NYC, for good. After much planning, it’s here and happiness explodes from me.

Yes, it’s scary, but wonderful at the same time, because there’s a plan. Once realizing New York was the place for me, everything shifted to get me there.

A ton of research goes into moving to New York. It’s not like my hometown or any town, where things are sort of simple and tackled with ease. Nope. This is a different ballgame.

There’s so much to think about, for instance, the only thing freaking me out, about the big city, is the parking. I don’t want my car, I wish to leave behind, but I need a vessel to carry my luggage. Other than that, it’s going to be a nuisance for a while and it’s accepted.

This is a learning experience and I’ll share the up and downs of life in the city. After thinking long about the move, I asked myself, “With the ease of publishing from anywhere in the world, why move to New York?”

The answer: because for me, I’m at a turning point in life. I’ve sat still long enough. Now it’s time for me to live out my plans so, it’s not a dream anymore. More than that, it’s important for me to do more, to write bigger. To do that, I must evolve and learn new things about the world and myself.

The thought of meeting new people is exciting, but meeting and befriending other writers will be another dream come true. At present, there aren’t many who I have to express my creative ideas, in depth, without my getting the quintessential, deer caught in the headlights, look.

My hope is to unlock the creative me and let her do her thing. Keeping her quiet is hard and it wears me out. It’ll be nice to let my imagination flow without the fear of lack of understanding.

Evolution is a beautiful thing and being present in the moment to feel yourself grow into who you wish to become is glorious. The feeling of positivity within, is like…magic. It happens before your eyes, yet your amazed that it’s you in the experience, and it feels too good to be true, however, it is very true.

Embrace, evolve…erupt.

If you could live your dream, what would it be?


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