A Writing Adventure Pt. 9

Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile. This is the first posting since October and with good reason, too. Becoming an experienced artist requires wearing many hats.

From obscurity, emerges a development editor, copy editor, and proofreader. The skills were needed and were well, worth learning. They are powerful tools for emerging writers.

To further explain the absence, choices and changes were made to better create a business. The primary job is writing and producing the best work possible. So, social media took a back seat.

Despite what numerous writing websites suggest about keeping up with social media, I remember a time when social media didn’t exist and writers only worried about writing.

So, with that thought, there’s nothing left to worry about. I accept that I’ll never be a skilled blogger, Facebook poster or Twitterer.  This isn’t, in any way, being negative. I didn’t like it before I became a writer and I don’t like it now. Resting a night, without obsessing over the daily number of likes, is summed into one word, nice.

Likes aren’t sales.

With the new year came new things. Along with the new skills, a definite writer’s voice and a niche came to life. The voice is clear and entertaining and the niche is short stories. Choosing to write short stories granted me the power to shake the genre label.

Tearing away from a genre allows me to write what I want, which is to give readers what they want, and they want to be entertained. Who cares if I write different in genres, as long as I keep the readers happy.

By keeping the genre option open, the creative side creates without boundaries. If there’s ever a desire to stick to a genre, readers will continue to receive great stories that build imagination, evoke emotion and linger, long after it’s finished.

With that being said, look out for the new short story episodic series, Convivial Suites:

After the board of directors denies her a long, sought after promotion, a cunning hotel manager, along with her disgruntled co-workers, execute a master plan to destroy the entire hotel chain.

The first episode will be released on Thursday, January 12th. A link to the story will be posted here. The story can be downloaded for free from January 12th until January  17th.

Thanks for everyone tuning in. Until the next writing adventure, keep being better than you were yesterday.


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