A Writing Adventure Pt. 8 – Being Inspired

In the midst of drafting a project, inspiration struck me like a bolt of lightning.  I dropped everything to complete the task. There was no TV, no music, food was consumed for energy and my social life paused. I put inspiration first and worwhat-inspires-you-v2ked through the blazing fire until the work was completed.

Through the electrifying experience, I discovered spontaneous writing is my best work. Every sentence was created from the core of my being. I tapped into the deepest parts of myself, crafting a piece that allows the reader to experience what I experienced.

The coolest aspect of inspirational writing is being consumed by the words in my head. Confusion and limitation melted like dripping wax burning from a tall, slender candle. Ideas wove with little effort; so little, the editing process was pleasant instead of daunting.

Much to my surprise, I wrote a nonfiction novel. The thought of producing nonfiction work entered my mind months ago, however, I didn’t have anything to say. I didn’t want to force a message. When writing fiction, most ideas are spontaneous. Like an artist, I construct around the ideas, making them plausible in an imaginary setting. But nonfiction is a different animal, so different, I was afraid to mess with it.

When inspiration struck, I didn’t entertain the fear. Producing a nonfiction title allowed me to step from my comfort zone. The new zone was surprisingly comfortable. The writing was organic as if it was meant to be. There was no pressure or no voice in the back of my mind telling me it’s wrong. There was no fear.

Liberating is the best term to describe the stroke of inspiration. True creative freedom is creating without fear.

Fear a faceless monster that builds invisible walls around us. It dictates our motives. It pushes us the opposite way we wish to go. It fuels indecisiveness and causes lack of direction. Fear taunts us, telling us what we can and can’t do. Fear placates, diminishing our confidence. Fear plays to win. It eats away the best part of us and in a flash we’re incomplete, less whole. Fear darkens the brightest parts of us…when we allow it.

During inspiration, fear has no place. There is no space available within here and now. As I wrote and wrote and wrote, nothing crossed my mind. I didn’t think about anything. I just wrote. To stop and wonder about structure or obsess about sales would invite the enemy to break my natural gift, like giving my favorite toy to the bad cousin. I knew what the result will be.

Inspiration strikes me when my mind is free. Free from the past, which I have no control, what’s done is done and free from the future, which I have no control. So, there’s no other place to be but in the present, free from fear. Fear has no business in the present, just as I have no business thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Being in the present allows me to hold fear by the balls, remaining in full control of my life. I have no reason to be afraid. I know fear leads to more fear and missed opportunities, so knowing this, I choose to stay away.  I like being inspired. Who knows where the next inspiration may lead?

I encourage you to show fear who’s boss. You know what you’re capable of, so let it shine. The next time fear attempts to hold you, ask, what in the hell am I so afraid of? 

Be inspired.

Be inspiring.



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