Writing Adventure Pt. 7 – Release Day

It’s Release Day!

Apart from being glued to my office chair for six hours, I’ve been heavily engaged, well, more distracted, really, with self-promoting a novel.

Expecting promotion to be a harrowing task, I’m having fun connecting with people online. It’s blast and I’m grateful because, I hate marketing and as I mentioned in a previous part of this adventure, I feel dirty asking for people to download a free copy of my novel. A shameful ploy for attention, however, people who know me, understand I’m not a social media activist and I feel it’s stupid to I force myself to engage on social media more that I care to. This is not how I wish to sell. It’s not genuine and it feels wrong.

Of all the marketing advice columns I’ve read, the plans to boost sales, lack humanity. I choose to market however I wish. I don’t like the suggestions, therefore I’m on my own. I’m a writer, not a marketing expert. I chose my field and there I shall stay.

My wish is to be comfortable with all I do, so think it’s better if people like me as a real person. The logic is simple, if they like me, they’ll love my work. How about that?

Refusing to allow stats and numbers control my emotions is key to developing stress-free marketing plan. In addition, I keep producing work. Consistently writing, reading and reading about writing, keeps me from being sucked into the advertising, social media frenzy. My question to all of the advertisers competing for my business is; how can you promote me to strangers who haven’t a clue of who I am? From my viewpoint, it’s seems better to connect with the people who I’m currently connected. Word of mouth is powerful and is the best form of advertising.

So, I’ll take my chances on the people who took a chance on me. So, thanks to WordPress, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and my Pinterest followers for your support for personally, choosing me to help enlighten and entertain you.

Funny how marketers seem to focus on the product and not the mind and personality of the inventor, who had the people in mind when the project was created.

For you, my supporters, I encourage everyone to read my work and share your experience with your friends so they can create their own adventure while reading my work. Remember, I am person first and know that you are why I write and I am most grateful.

So, with no further delay, here’s the pitch:

Master of Manipulation by Eleanor O’Hara

Think you’re in a bad relationship? Think again. Avery and Olivia Hammer seem like the perfect couple. When Avery believes Olivia has a crush on his unethical business partner, he masterfully extracts the truth from his wife, leading to a thicker web of lies, revealing his own indiscretions. Was it part of Olivia’s plan to get him to confess?

Find out for FREE on Amazon Kindle.
Oct 1-Oct 5, 2016


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