TwistedTwisted by Andrew E. Kaufman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Psychologist, Chris works in a psychiatric ward called Loveland. Anxiously afraid he’d suffer from schizophrenia, like his father, Chris always looks at everything objectively. As he becomes entangled with his own mind, he tries to analyze his personal situation while finding out the deepest, darkest secrets of Donny Ray, a killer of ten six-year-old girls.
Just when Chris is on the verge of getting concrete information on Donny Ray, to prove he was in a dissociative state when he killed the girls, the doctors, who treated him previously, vanished into thin air. Discouraged, Chris becomes overly anxious, but remains analytical. At the same time, Loveland is frequently changing personnel and losing patients and no one is telling Chris anything.
After Chris suffers a head injury, nothing makes sense to him and his understanding wife, Jenna, must try to keep Chris from hitting rock bottom. When he surpasses the point of no return, Chris begins to argue with the voices creeping into his head and converses with people who materialize just when he needs them to.

As Chris’s mind deteriorates at an alarming rate, it doesn’t slow him from finding out the truth about Donny Ray, who always seemed vaguely familiar to Chris. When Chris believes, all along, that Donny Ray’s motives were to get the hospital staff to turn against Chris. He thinks Donny Ray is plotting to kill his six-year-old, Devon. Shedding all reasoning ability, Chris is set to kill Donny Ray before he kills Devon.

Reality becomes a blur as Chris learns the shocking truth about his son, Donny Ray and himself.

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