Thanks for the rapid responses, readers! There are 17 copies of Master of Manipulation up for grabs!

Check out the latest review:

“My usual go to read is Paranormal Romance, but from the very beginning I was drawn into the lives and tribulations of Avery and Olivia. Avery is the type of man I think we all pretty much want: Alpha male tempered with educated intelligence. Olivia is who I want to be: feminine, independent, smart, no-nonsense, ball buster, loving, caring and an all around cool Bitch! Together they make the best kind of couple…Two parts of one whole. They compliment and complete each other. They have great communication and no secrets; until they don’t! Then, it gets even better. Following their story, their unconventional un-fairy tale was a roller coaster of emotions. I was totally enthralled, saddened, pissed off, elated, satisfied and unfulfilled all at once. In other words: I LOVED IT!! I totally recommend Eleanor O’Hara and cannot wait until her next project, she has an amazing new and yet familiar voice that we all need and want!”

-Valerie Dillon



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